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About the Author

Alessandro Andreuccetti was born in San Gimignano, Italy, July 28, 1955. He studied art and architecture in Florence and, after graduating, started his job in 1980 as a graphic designer. Since 1978, he has been interested in watermedia painting. He has shown paintings in many Italian towns. In 1983, he won the first place prize at “Concorso nazionale del fumetto e del Fantastico di Prato” and he began to collaborate with Sergio Micheli of the University of Siena and the editor, Nerbini, of Florence on comics and illustrations. He published two graphic novels and many illustrations for various books. In addition to graphic design, Andreuccetti enjoys surveying and searching landscapes and figures to model the forms and the colours that make up each of his compositions. You can see more of his beautiful artwork here and here.

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