Two Sides 2

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About the Author

Zuzana was born in Košice in 1969 (then known as Czechoslovakia), and now resides in Bratislava, Slovakia. She holds a master’s degree in fine arts and Slovak language and Literature from the UPJŠ Košice (1993). While attending university, Zuzana mainly worked on drawings and fine prints. For four months, she worked as a teacher, after which, she began work as a journalist. Working seven days a week meant she had no time to create art. More than two years ago, she began to create art again. As Zuzana doesn’t have a studio, she chose watercolours as a median, and fell in love with this technique. She paints to relax and to create something optimistic and colourful in a world otherwise full of bad news. You can see more of Zuzana's work here.

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